FUEGO! Is a 21st century theatrical dance spectacular by Carmen Mota. It is a sensual, passionate and energizing fusion between the deep-rooted rhythms of Spanish dance and the abundance and splendor of modern styles.

FUEGO! is an accessible, captivating world class production designed to appeal to mass audiences globally. It is a frontier breaking experience. Stunning dancers in lavish costumes and spectacular choreography. Sensual and suggestive images take turns with impressive synchronizes group performances.

FUEGO! is an explosion of light, color and movement. The rhythms of FUEGO! blend seemingly effortless with melodies of immortal composers. The result adds to the sparkling synergy between dance and choreography, between sound and image, between old and new. All good things from Spain come together in this magnificent and colorful “Las Vegas – Madrid” collision of universal emotions. FUEGO! is unlike any other show from Spain.