Snow White with white frame

Snow White Reloaded


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The Parent just published another selfie on Instagram. They are thirsty for likes and they get them. They are doing everything in their power to look young and attractive, from yoga and dieting to cosmetic surgeries. Their daughter, Snow White, is working hard to get her Parent’s love and attention, but everything changes, once Snow Whites gets her own smartphone.

She soon gets more likes than her Parent. To be replaced by someone younger, and especially their own daughter, destroys the Parent! So, they make a decision: Snow White must die.

Snow White then retreats to the forest where she meets 6 influencers, each one with his unique diagnosis around which they have built their personal brands…

Fredrik Rydman’s Snow White is a story about the fight against getting old, the fight to be loved, the fight against loneliness, the fight against mental illness.  This will be a breathtaking journey into the digital world of our time, together with Snow White, the Queen of Instagram and 6 influencers. Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Snow White Reloaded opened on 11 December 2019 at the Dansens Hus, Stockholm.

Tour Dates

11.12.2019 - 02.02.2020 | Stockholm - Dansens Hus Get Tickets

23.04.2020 - 03.05.2020 | Munich - Deutsches Theater Get Tickets



Sweden 2018:
Dance Critics Award "The Rite of Spring" Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Stockholm

Moscow 2019:
Winner of the chategory choreography Prix Benois de la Danse

Sweden 2019:
His Majesty the King's Medal 2019 for outstanding contributions as a choreographer and dancer (8th size with a bright blue ribbon)
The City of Stockholm Price of Honor