The Ugly Duckling

The two well-known underdog classics are brought to life with the same technology that was developed for Darwin the Dinosaur. Each story will feature classical and contemporary music ranging from jazz to pop. At this time, short narration will precede each story.

The Ugly Duckling story
Mother duck knew from the very beginning that one of her babies would be different from the rest… this egg was too large and oddly shaped! Upon hatching it is clear – mother duck has an Ugly Duckling! Teased, chased and pushed aside from his friends and family, Ugly Duckling must run away from the pond and venture out on his own. Through the different seasons and new friends along the way, he continues his search for others who will love him for who he really is…an Ugly Duckling?

The Tortoise and the Hare
The famous story of the race between the tortoise and the hare is best known today for teaching the moral that “slow and steady wins the race

The ancient art of full-body puppetry gets a magical, luminous update in Light Wire Theater’s new production. Children will love the clear, fast-paced stories, each with a positive message and kid-friendly humor. Adults will enjoy the musical in-jokes and marvel at how the heck Light Wire does it all with only four people!

Leigh Witchel – Dance Writer, New York Post.